The Eye of Paricia



Nothing is known about how the Eye works.


It is said, that there is an artifact that looks like an eye made of crystal with deep blue fissures. This mighty artifact, while small to be held is said to hold great power. It is said by history, that if one were to activate this mighty item, one could disrupt and destroy all the undead in the world in one great blow. No one knows where the eye is located, but it said to never be in one place for too long.

Not much is known about this great artifact, though the Temple of the Red Lantern have been searching for its location for decades. Many fear its power, thinking if unleashed a great flood will sweep the lands, others believe its myth to be a metaphor, not a literal flood, but an ethereal fog that will sweep the lands bringing death to all undead.

All records of this artifact warn that its power should not be unleashed as it could be catastrophic.

The Eye of Paricia

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