The twin stars have been battling for over two millennia. Its people no longer thought of war as shocking or gruesome but merely a way of life. Things seemed dim for the people of Azure, the coasts wreathing in blood, the lands burnt, the smell of death hung heavy in the air. The late King had fallen ill, the mystery of his death sending shock and pain through the continent. Yet, his unlikely son, and now King Vesteil had risen above his father. His personal guard took order quickly and the land shook beneath their might. With the help of several heroes he bought back his land, the scourge pushed back into the depths of hell from which Queen Dreidise brought them.

Four centuries of siege had done its damage, the land in ruin, food sparse or rotted. The land seemed dead, yet beneath the ash rose the people and reconstruction had begun. Rumors spread like fire in the land as Kind Vesteil’s army set to cross the Dragon Scale Sea, making siege on Azule for the first time in over four hundred years. A sickness sunk into those rumors, dark whispers of armies vanishing, famine killing his guard. Yet the King pressed his war forward, making a call to all local heroes who helped free their homes from plague.

Here our story begins, in Port Cadwell the Heroes gathered, though who would bare the valor needed to defeat Queen Dreidise’s army of death? The scales which once seemed to be in Azure’s favor now tilt precariously in the balance.

The Twin Stars